You can’t miss a visit to Maasai village during your vaccation. The Maasai tribes mainly reside in Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are the most famous tribe of East Africa.  Maasai are known to possess great hunting prowess. Enjoy impressive jumping dance, vibrant clothing, and intricately beaded jewelry on the tour.

Swimming within the Kikuletwa thermal spring is certainly one of the simplest yet the most amazing things to try in the Kilimanjaro region. The Chemka Hot Springs is well encircled by trees, thus giving you a feeling of seclusion or of being tucked far away from the planet and its demands.

In my opinion, a hot spring is the perfect post-Kilimanjaro Activity. All you’ve to do is to slip your weary body into the nice cozy water and relax while the fingerlings (small fish) nibble the dead skin off of your feet. Chat with your friends and neighbors, enjoy the birdlife within the fig trees around you. If you want, you can even take a swing on the tree rope to drop into the water for fun.